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CD/DVD 미디어
DEH-P7750MP [CD/MP3/RADIO] / 미취상품
(파이오니아) | product code : 9441
판매 가격 : 480,000 재고없음  |  포 인 트  :  4,800 Point  |  
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  BC카드 | 금액 : 5만원이상 | 할부 : 3개월 무이자할부 가능
  현대카드 | 금액 : 5만원이상 | 할부 : 3개월 무이자할부 가능
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빅버튼/퓨어블루색상/쿨디자인 파이오니아 2005데크


도트매트릭스 오르가닉 EL 디스플레이

OEL displays are a marvel to behold, not just for the comprehensive control they offer, but for their high contrast and brightness ?even in sunlight, at wide viewing angles and with active 3D visuals.
OEL movie images, such as Paradise Dolphin*, Wacky Race, etc., dance on the display in accompaniment to your music.
Tabbed menus enable quick viewing of functions. To enhance simplicity, display graphics match those of the head unit buttons.
BGV (Background Visual) adds to the entertainment, with background displays to go with source information, etc.

음악에 관한 기본정보인 ID3 태그를 지원하여 MP3파일 연주시 동시에 태크정보표시

You no longer need a big stack of CDs to take more of your favorite music on the road. Pioneer's new MP3 car audio head units play your custom-edited, extra-long-playing compact discs containing MP3 recordings.
What's great about MP3? Using this format, a PC can record on a blank CD-R/RW disc up to about ten music CDs filled to capacity*. That's because each MP3 song file (of highly compressed data with minimal inaudible "filler" data) contains about 10% of the digital audio data volume, and virtually all the audio fidelity, of its corresponding original CD source.
The MP3 format extends access to music in other ways. Edit the order and organization of music files as you wish. Also, since MP3 music is widely available on websites, you can expand your musical horizons even further.
For easy MP3 file reference, the MP3 head units can also display ID3 Tag information, according to Track Name, Artist Name and Album Title categories. This simplifies organization, search, and selection of your growing library of tunes.

*Applies to 650MB-capacity disc, 128kbps bit rate and 44.1kHz sampling frequency.

애플 iTunes 소프트웨어로 만들어지는 새로운 포맷인 AAC 재생가능 

The boom in music on the Internet brings the AAC format to the fore, offering audio of CD quality in the form of digital files that are even more efficiently compressed than MP3 files.
Pioneer's new DEH-P7750MP plays music file formats of MP3, WMA and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) - a newer format encoded using Apple iTunes® software. 
With Apple iTunes®, transferring your favorite songs and albums from CDs is quick and easy. Just pop a disc into your Mac or PC, and click the Import button to record to your library of tunes in MP3, AAC, or other formats at the quality level you choose.

* AAC players can decode only those AAC files ripped and encoded using iTunes®; they cannot decode AAC DRM files downloaded from the iTunes music store®.

휴대용 MP3플레이어인 애플 아이포드를 위한 전용아답터 기본내장

With capacity to store up to 10,000 tracks**, Apple iPod® portable digital music players are opening up new worlds of digital music for listeners on the move.
The new Pioneer CD-IB100 iPod® adaptor for in-car use takes that capability even further. Connect the adaptor linked with iPod® to a new Pioneer head unit (DEH-P7750MP, DEH-P6750MP, DEH-P5750MP or DEH-P4750MP), and start playing back compressed digital audio files. The adaptor simplifies various search functions (playlist/genre/artist/album), and displays text for album, artist, track and time.

* iPod is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don뭪 steal music. iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
** iPod?capacity depends on model type and compression format.

BMX 비트매트릭 이퀼라이져기능이 탑재되어 용량을 줄이기 위해 강제적으로 주파수 커팅된 MP3나 WMA의 손실된 영역을 복구하여 음의 밸런스를 상승시켜줍니다

Audio compression formats, such as MP3 and WMA, tend to lose high-frequency sound levels, especially in passages when recorded signal input is weak.
      Pioneer's BMX (Bitmetric Equalizer) compensates for this by boosting playback of upper frequency sound, to the benefit of overall musical balance.

  • BMX 1: Recommended for enhancing brightness and depth of sound and sense of ambient space.
  • BMX 2: Recommended for even richer sound (more volume in the low and middle range) than BMX 1 offers

  • EEQ[이지 이퀼라이져] 기능

    Sound-shaping is at your command. You can adjust the sound tastes according to the in-car sound characteristics and the music you listen to.

  • 5-mode preset equalizer
    You can switch equalizer setting among five preset equalization curves (Super Bass/Powerful/Natural/Vocal/Flat) as quickly and effortlessly as you switch radio stations.
  • 1-mode custom preset equalizer
    Pioneer's head units feature a 1-mode custom preset equalizer, for creating your favorite sound curve from an amazing variety of sound-shaping dimensions/combinations exactly as you like (see graph, left). This mode can memorize adjusted preset curves by 3-band parametric equalizer settings for each source.
  • 3-mode selectable loudness*
    Select among three levels (high/mid/low) to instantly boost volume when driving noise overpowers in-car sound.
    * DEH-P7750MP/DEH-P6750MP/DEH-P5750MP/DEH-P4750MP/DEH-3750MP/DEH-2750(B)
  • 2-way crossover*
    Our most fully feature loaded models allow extra EEQ flexibility, with selectable HPF (High Pass Filter) and LPF (Low Pass Filter). Head units of these systems can perform as amplifiers or separate crossover units for easier system control, particularly of low-frequency signals.

    EQ-EX 이퀼라이져 확장기능[DEH-P7750MP/DEH-P6750MP/DEH-P5750MP 적용]

    EQ-EX (Equalizer Expansion)
    gives a boost to the current preset equalizer settings. By pressing the EQ-EX button each EEQ curve is acoustically tuned for optimum effect, giving a more dramatic effect and a new edge to music.
          For the SuperBass curve, the bass becomes heavier while clarity is retained. EQ-EX will make the sound of the Powerful curve stronger and more vivid. The Vocal curve will have its low frequencies enhanced so that the sound image is elevated. The Natural curve is given a mild boost to improve long listening pleasure. All these tuning effects are immediately noticeable with just a single touch of the EQ-EX button.

  • 로터리 방식의 손쉬운 커맨더

    The innovative Rotary Commander's rotary button turns smoothly at the touch of a finger, for quick, easy access among even huge volumes of files stored in AAC, MP3 or WMA format. File or command access and activation can also involve tilting that button left, right, up, and down, or pressing its center.

    다이렉트 서브 드라이브

    Combine the MOSFET 50W x 4 power amp and EEQ technology to get Direct Sub Drive, another unique Pioneer technology feature. It enables you to amplify your front speakers by 50W x 2 and add a 70W amplified filtered subwoofer (in 2 ohm mode) in the rear to enjoy outstanding full power bass without an extra amplifier. It뭩 an easy solution for lovers of booming bass.

    3 RCA 프리아웃 : 선택 (프론트 + 리어 + 서브우퍼/프론트 + 리어 + 넌페이딩) ex)

    업그래이드된 수퍼튜너 IIID+ 탑재

    With new Supertuner® IIID+, Pioneer improves upon its highly acclaimed Supertuner technology yet again.
    The newly developed FM Multi-path Canceller using adaptive digital filter techniques ensures superior performance against multi-path noise with better stereo reception and separation. The new built-in AM Noise Canceller using Hi-Speed Gate control techniques helps reduce interference with various unwanted noises from wipers, motor and ignition, etc. And Automatic Reception Control, newly extended to AM, reinforces noise reduction capabilities in weak signal areas, raising AM usable sensitivity.
    Simply put, it's an all-time-high radio performance from Pioneer to you. 

    PB-1 초강력 세정제
    2,500 원

    쏘렌토 2열 좌석 DIY 확장시공
    55,000 원

    라세티 전동접이식 사이드미러..
    150,000 원

    쏘렌토 수출용 러기지 스크린..
    99,000 원

    터보 불꽃 대형스티커
    29,000 원

    뉴스포티지 에어인테이크홀 커..
    90,000 원

    cuper 쿠퍼디자인 아반떼HD 통..
    250,000 원

    RECARO 스타일 가죽
    3,150,000 원

    상호 : 라이트해머     대표 : 곽문실        
    사업자등록번호 : 204-19-85689     통신판매업신고 : 제 서울 동대문 0667호 주소지 : 서울 동대문구 장안동 419-8 1층 : 스트로
    고객상담 전화 : 02-2249-0791 | FAX : 02-2249-0782
    (근무시간 : 월~금 10:00 ~ 18:00 / 토요일, 공휴일 휴무)

    분쟁 조정 기관 표시 : 소비자 보호원 / 전자상거래분쟁조정위원회